Reed Family Berks and Showpigs
For Sale Reed Family Berks and Showpigs
Herd Boar Prospects
These guys are running together in a dry lot, and definitely in their working clothes.
No fluff or smoke here, you get what you see...and these boys are impressive.

For Sale
Boar EN: 20-7
DOB: 6/20/14
Sasquatch (REED2 SASQUATCH 19-10) x Treasure (REED2 TREASURE 17-6)

Big fan of this guy.
He's got that great upheaded show ring look and has a heck of a motor in him.
All of his littermate gilts are all in the keeper pen. The Treasure line we have goes back to 17-7
"Grandma" that did a lot of great work for us and Brice Conover alike.
They are as maternal as they come.






For Sale For Sale
EN: 13-3
DOB: 3/07/14
Sasquatch (REED2 SASQUATCH 19-10) x REED2 THE FIRE LADY 20-3

This guy is a carbon copy of his daddy. No such thing as too much of a good thing.
This guy has a stacked pedigree...Sasquatch and 20-3 are out of Patent Pending on littermate sisters.
Check out his stoutness and natural width from behind.
Reed Family Berks and Showpigs
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